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Limited Ingredient Dog and Cat Food

In the wild, the diet of the canine or feline was simpler, consisting primarily of the prey they hunted. Though hunting that prey was quite a challenge, finding a simpler yet complete food for your domesticated canine or feline shouldn’t be. That’s why we created Taste of the Wild PREY limited ingredient diets — a simplified approach to pet food based on the protein sources of your animal’s native diet.

Prey (Cat Food)

Cage-free turkey and lentils provide 98% protein, with probiotics, vitamins, and minerals for complete nutrition and digestive support.
Ideal for sensitive cats, this grain-free recipe has Angus beef, lentils, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics for complete nutrition.

Prey (Dog Food)

PREY Turkey Recipe: Simple, limited ingredients, featuring cage-free turkey, lentils, chicken fat, and tomato pomace for balanced nutrition.
Simpler, cleaner eating for pets with trout, chicken fat, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for balanced nutrition and taste.
PREY Angus Beef for Dogs features pasture-raised beef, probiotics, essential vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids for complete nutrition.